Every year the Miami Fort Generating Station is responsible for:

60 Deaths

93 Heart Attacks

980 Asthma Attacks

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What you need to know about coal and the Miami Fort Generating Station

The Miami Fort Generating Station is a 720-megawatt coal-fired power plant located sits 20 miles west of Cincinnati, just across the Ohio River from Kentucky.1 A sister plant to the Beckjord Generating Station, both are owned by Duke Energy, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina and are destroying the health of the residents of the Queen City at an alarming rate.2 Miami Fort’s pollution causes someone to have an asthma attack every 12 hours.3

On August 2, 2011, Duke Energy announced that it will close down one of the three coal boilers at Miami Fort by 2015.4 While it’s encouraging that Duke has recognized that this 51-year-old boiler has got to go, Unit 6 is not the only one that needs to be shut down.
Units 7 and 8, which combined put out nearly 8 million tons of carbon pollution, 2400 tons of nitrogen oxides, and 7000 tons of sulfur dioxide each year are still poisoning our air every day.5 The only way to ensure the health and safety of Cincinnatians is to shut this plant down immediately. Click here to find out more about this plant.
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Duke Energy and its CEO Jim Rogers spend a lot of time talking about clean energy and the need to take action on climate change.